Ultimate FishSpa experience

Garra Rufa Europe provides the perfect FishSpa experience for you..

The innovative LUURO© FishSpa sets a new standard in the international Fish Spa branch. The futuristic design, glossy finishing and comfortable leather seating’s take the Fish Spa experience to a higher level. State of the art filter techniques are used to guarantee the most safe and hygienic environment for either people and the fish.

  • Eye catcher in and around hotels, wellness and spa resorts
  • Every age attraction with a big amusement factor
  • A combination of a hand and feet treatment for 2 persons at the same time
  • Laying position for ultimate relax experience
  • The exterior and leather seating’s can be customized in corporate identity colors

Garra Rufa Europe will take care of the transport, installation and instruction of the LUURO© Fish Spa at the designated location of the customer. All staff members will be presented a seminar about the maintenance, treatment, hygienic protocols and promotion of the LUURO© Fish Spa.

Garra Rufa Nederland