How to order garra rufa fish

Due to the constant stock of garra rufa fish, Garra Rufa Europe ensures a delivery time within 10 working days (EU countries) after an order confirmation. In this period, the Garra Rufa fish are quarantined to condition for transport and the necessary export documents are prepared. The minimum order quantity is 500 garra rufa fish. To order garra rufa fish we ask you to send the following information to

  • Company name
  • Contact name(s)
  • Delivery address
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Number of garra rufa fish
  • Closest international airport
  • Delivery week

Within 2 days, Garra Rufa Europe will send a price quotation including the delivery and payment terms. Upon confirmation of the price quotation and terms, an invoice is sent to wire-transfer the payment to Garra Rufa Europe’s bank account.

Outside the European Union  

In most cases, transport of garra rufa fish outside the European Union requires additional export documentation. This documentation can be found at the animal import department of the customer’s country. With an order confirmation, we kindly ask you to send the required import documentation along. The delivery time with orders outside the European Union is 21 days upon order confirmation. 

Within 5 days after the payment has been received, the flight and pick-up details of the order will be sent to you.

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